Tulip trail tour

Dutch tulip fields running route

Visiting The Netherlands in springtime? Then you can't leave without discovering the colorful tulip fields in your running shoes!

 From Hillegom trainstation (about 30 minutes from Amsterdam) we'll discover a running route through endless seas of flowers. Because we'll have an early start, we can admire the explosion of colours before it gets too crowded and you can make the most 'instagrammable' pictures!

Start between 7AM - 10AM from Hillegom trainstation (let me know what suits you best!).

Limited edition - only bookable from 30th of March until 10th of May 2020

Duration +/- 1 hour

1 person - € 40,-
2 persons - € 30,- p.p.
3+ persons - € 25,- p.p.

(prices are excluding traintickets)

Please be careful and respectful of our national flowers. 
We will not walk/run into the flower fields, how tempting it may seem. Did you know that the flower fields are private property? Wading through the flowers may damage the flowers and bulbs and surely you would not like people to walk into your back yard without asking every day. 
We can create the most wonderful photographs  while staying on the edges of the tulip fields.