Let's clean up the city tour

Have you heard about plogging? No? Time to get yourself educated!
Plogging comes from the words “jogging” (jogging, running) and “plocka upp”, which in Swedish means "to pick up"!
And oh yes, during this tour we'll make Amsterdam a little bit of a better (and cleaner) place!

If you join me on my 'Let's clean up the city tour' you'll not only discover some of the most beautiful sights, but you'll also give something back to the place you've visited. 
And all of that before you even had breakfast! 

During this 7 km loop, we'll pass the most famous and historical sights of Amsterdam and at the same time, we'll clean up some litter we'll find along our way.

Start between 6.30AM - 07.30AM (let me know what suits you best!).
We'll run at an easy (jogging) pace and of course there is time for pictures!
Pickup at your hotel (if located in the city center). 

Duration: +/- 1 hour
We'll provide the garbage bags & gloves for safe plogging

1 person - € 35,-
2 persons - € 20,- per person
3+ persons - € 15,- per person